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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Review: The Carrie Diaries

Here I am, blogging again.  I really missed it, but was so busy.  I know that I probably will not meet my Goodreads goal because I was off of Goodreads for so long, but I want to try to blog again.  It probably won't be as regularly as it used to be, but it will be a start.
Enjoy the review!

The Carrie Diaries

The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Carrie Diaries was a great coming of age story.

I came across this book not knowing what to expect. Many reviews I had read about it had said that there was too much sex in this book. I, however, did not feel that way. Carrie acted like a typical teenager in most ways as she and her friends grew up.

I thought that Carrie was a great character. She was so realistic and I felt like I could connect with her. She was a strong young lady who sometimes made bad decisions. Her friends were also realistic and really funny.

The romance was good. Sebastian didn't sound like the perfect boyfriend, and I had never really liked him. Lali stealing Sebastian from Carrie was the best part of the book. It showed Carrie that she didn't need a boyfriend to be happy. It also helped her feel more confident about her decision to go to the writing program.

Even though this book wasn't deep or exceptionally written, I still liked it. The writing was unique, and the plot kept me reading.

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Review: Swan Song

Swan Song Swan Song by Charlotte Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Swan Song by Charlotte Wilson is a beautiful novel about loss and dance.

Ava was a dancer until her mother died. Her mother was the one and only ballerina Beatrice Duvall. When Ava is offered the chance to remember her mom through a production of Swan Lake, the ballet she was in, she has to take it. Follow Ava as she grieves on her trip to London.

First of all, I am sorry that this review took so long to write. I finished the book a while ago, but hadn't found the time or inspiration for writing about it.

I thought that this book was beautifully written. I really like Ava's character, and she seemed to come to life. I found the setting rich and the romance sweet and subtle.

Ava's attitude about ballet is totally understandable to me. Even though I haven't faced her struggle, I still felt for her in the way she felt dancing was too painful to do. I also liked the way that she still sought to do it, but was afraid of people seeing. It was awesome seeing her blossom into a confident young women throughout the story.

The romance between Seb and Ava is adorable. It is simple and sweet, which is something I love in young adult stories. I also was happy that romance wasn't all that Ava thought about, and that it was just a side story.

This book was so full of emotion. Even though it got confusing in a few areas, it was a touching novel that will stay with me for a while.

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Saturday, September 30, 2017


Dear Readers,

I am sorry that I have not posted much lately. My life has been crazy busy and I have been reading just for fun lately, not focusing on reviews and my yearly book goal.  However, I haven't forgot about about you.  I miss this blog like crazy, and am planning to review again shortly.


Review: Distant Dreams

Here is a review by BethLee:

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Blog Tour: The Last Gambit

**Tour hosted by Garima Om**
The Last Gambi
by Om Swami
Genre: YA Coming of Age
Release Date: February 2017
Harper Element (Harper Collins)

The Last Gambit was an inspiring book about chess.

Success by design is infinitely better than a win by chance. Vasu Bhatt is fourteen years old when a mysterious old man spots him at a chess tournament and offers to coach him, on two simple but strange conditions: he would not accompany his student to tournaments, and there was to be no digging into his past. Initially resentful, Vasu begins to gradually understand his master’s mettle.

Over eight years, master and student come to love and respect each other, but the two conditions remain unbroken – until Vasu confronts and provokes the old man. Meanwhile, their hard work and strategy pay off: Vasu qualifies for the world chess championship. But can he make it all the way without his master by his side?

I enjoyed this book.  At first, I was hesitant because I don't play chess, but this book didn't disappoint.

Vasu was a very interesting character to read about.  He was raised in a strict home and chess was considered a waste of time.  One day, Vasu meets this older man who offers to coach him.  The training is rigorous, but promises to make Vasu a chess champion.

I really liked the life stories the Master told to Vasu. They were really interesting and inspiring.

There was a subtle romance in this story.  I loved how Vasu handled it and how it was just in the background and not the whole focus of his life.

The ending was amazing.  I loved how Vasu became the young adult his master wanted him to be.  It was heartbreaking yet joyous what happened at the end, but I won't spoil the end.
The Last Gambit is full of life lessons.  The Indian setting is full and rich, and the author brings all of the characters to life.  I give this a 4.5. star rating, and recommend that everyone reads it.

About the Author 

Om Swami is a monk who lives in a remote place in the Himalayan foothills. He has a bachelor degree in business and an MBA from Sydney, Australia. Swami served in executive roles in large corporations around the world. He founded and led a profitable software company with offices in San Francisco, New York, Toronto, London, Sydney and India. 

Om Swami completely renounced his business interests to pursue a more spiritual life. He is the bestselling author of Kundalini: An Untold Story, A Fistful of Love and If Truth Be Told: A Monk’s Memoir. 

His blog is read by millions all over the world.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Review: Mirror Me

Mirror Me Mirror Me by Tara St. Pierre
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I really enjoyed reading Mirror Me by Tara St. Pierre.

Hannah is a teenage girl with a troubled past. She used to be careless and is now regretting it. Hannah refuses to look at her self in the mirror anymore. But when strange things start happening, Hannah has to think about more than her self. What is going on?

I would just like to start by saying that I don't usually read books like this. Genre benders usually aren't my thing, and I am picky about fantasy. That aside, this was a really good book. I had enjoyed the authors first book, Just A Few Inches, so I was excited when she contacted me about reviewing this one.

I really liked Hannah's backstory. She was a teen who had been reckless in her old school. When she finally gets in trouble for it, she is moved to a new school in a new area. Her mom becomes very strict and Hannah finds a more studies group of friends to hang out with. This whole part of the story was so realistic, and I was happy to see the mom actually play an active part in the story.

This story was pretty creepy. Strange things keep happening to Hannah, and she doesn't know why. She is supposedly doing stuff that she has no recollection of. As the story progressed, it just got spookier and more mysterious.

I have to be honest, I sometimes found myself getting confused about what was happening to Hannah. Maybe it's just me, but I have a hard time keeping up with this genre and type of book.

This whole book was written very well. I liked Hannah as a character, as well as her friends. This whole story flowed well.

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Review: Be True to Me

Be True to Me

byAdele Griffin
Publisher: Algonquin Young Readers
Release Date: June 13, 2017
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Historical
 photo addtogoodreadssmall_zpsa2a6cf28.png photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpg


It's the summer of 1976 on Fire Island, where feathered hair and the Bicentennial celebration reign. Jean, a sometimes cruel, often insecure, and always envious rich girl, is accustomed to living in her glamorous older sister’s shadow. So when Gil Burke, a handsome newcomer with uncertain ties to one of the most powerful families in the exclusive enclave of Sunken Haven, notices Jean—not her sister—Jean is smitten. Then Fritz, a girl from outside the gilded gates who humiliated Jean in the Island’s tennis championship last year, falls for Gil herself. Soon the girls are competing for much more than a tennis trophy, with higher stakes than either of them can imagine.
Told through the alternating perspectives of Jean and Fritz, as they experience feeling like an outsider and first love.

Be True to Me by Adele Griffin is a refreshing summer tale about love and power.

This book is about two girls. There is Jean, the privileged and typical Sunken Haven girl, and Fritz, an outsider. They are both in town for the summer. When Jean meets Gil, a young apprenticing businessman, she falls in love. Gil meets her on the island where Fritz starts to crush on him. Who will come out on top in this love triangle?

I really loved the setting of this story. It was set on Fire Island during the summer of 1976. It is a rich island. The whole story was filled with a description of the setting. I don't usually read books about really privileged people so this was an interesting read.

Fritz and Jean were both really interesting and full characters. I started out liking Jean more. It could have been that they started out the book by using her perspective, or it could have been for some other reason. However, as the story went on, I found myself on Fritz's side. Jean turned into a whiny brat, and Fritz was the more mature character.

As both girls were pining for Gil, I got kind of irritated. It was a love triangle that I didn't really like, and the main downfall of the book. The thing that kept me reading was the vivid storyline and drama. I mean, especially Jean couldn't seem to get over the fact that Gil didn't want to spend every waking moment with her.

The ending of this book was amazing. I am going to try not to spoil it. Needless to say, you need to read this book. I rushed through the ending and found myself with a whirlwind of emotions. It made this book the easy four stars it is for me.

Overall, this was a good book with a lot of tension.

 "It was deliberate.  She'd seen me.  She was cut-and-plunge intercepting."
I like this quote from Jean because it shows how dramatic and self-centered she could be.
"Lessons are one thing.  But nobody can instruct that killer groove of tennis, the gut and soul of how to chase that ball all over the court, how to let your body free itself to take its chances."
I love this quote from Fritz, and it is probably my favorite one.  It doesn't just fit for tennis but talks about skills in most any sport.
"We'd hit it off like bang-firecrackers.  Anyone working the lunch shift at the yacht club could have seen that."
I liked how this quote showed how easily Gil and Fritz fell in love.
"I stomped up the stairs and slammed my door.  In my room, I dropped onto my bed and stretched out like a starfish.  Tucked in on my bookshelf across the room, my Mrs. Beasley doll stared at me with her demonic bespectacled eyes."
The wording in this quote from Jean is what I like the most about it.
Adele Griffin is the highly acclaimed author of almost thirty books for Young Adult and middle grade readers.

Her works include the National Book Award Finalists Sons of Liberty and Where I Want to Be, as well as the popular Oodlethunks series for younger readers. Her latest novel The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone was a YALSA Best Book of 2015, an Amazon Best YA Book of the Year, a Booklist Top Ten Arts Books for Youth, a Junior Library Guild selection, a Romantic Times Finalist for Book of the Year, and a School Library Journal Top Fiction pick. Her latest novel Be True to Me is publishing in June 2017 with Algonquin Books.

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