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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

I think this is my new favorite book. I give it a perfect 5 stars. This is the first Morgan Matson book I've read, and it really surprised me. First off, my impression looking at it at first. It didn't look wonderful because the title sounded cheesy and the cover made it look like a sappy romance novel. It is not that, by the way. This book has very deep subjects on a lighthearted main topic. Amy has been living alone in California for the past month. She is a high school girl whose mom is in Connecticut and her twin brother away at rehab. When it is time to move to Connecticut, she is sent off with a college boy named Roger. The trip is planned out, but they make detours. With those detours Amy and Roger both learn about themselves.
The characters were wonderful. Amy is a shy girl trying to be invisible. Roger is a cool guy with a good heart. The side characters were also really thought out. Bronwyn, for example, is a college RA who helps Amy to realize that she doesn't have to hide. Walcott and Drew are locals who help Roger and Amy around. Lucien wants the best for them and his mean sister, Hadley. Charley is the one who is always sneaking out. Amy's mom is over controlling and I think caring on the inside. Amy's dad died in a car accident 3 months before.
I loved how different Roger and Amy were. They were like polar opposites, with Roger being laid back and Amy being tense. Roger was cool and Amy wasn't. Yet they ended up getting along perfectly. I also liked how Amy referred to her room at home as Amy!'s room. Since they were trying to sell the old house, her room looked like an ideal girl lived in it. Amy also compares her self to Amy! later in the book.
Overall, the best part of this story, was of course the road trip. I felt like I was Amy while they traveled, just picturing the areas. Now I want to go on a road trip! This book really showed me neat facts and characteristics of each state, as well as giving me some geographical knowledge. It also talked about real places, such as restaurants, hotels, and cities. They also show Amy's road trip scrapbook throughout the book, as well as there receipts and playlists. There is a lot of consumerism in this book, but it adds to the story. I am checking out more road trip books and Morgan Matson books as soon as possible.

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