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Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Winter Of Candy Canes

   Debbie Viguie wrote another good book with The Winter Of Candy Canes.  Candace (Candy) Thompson signed up for another job at The Zone.  This time she will be passing out candy canes as an elf to the kids who visit Santa.  At the same time, she is kind of forced to lead a bible study in her church.  She is also trying to figure out what to get her family and friends for Christmas.  Will this elf figure out the good things to do in time.
   I find these books wonderful.  Candace is such of a realistic character.  She is a great role model for any Christian girl  She is very determined; when she gets hurt she tries it again afterword.  Candy also has a normal school life.  She worries about her classes and has friend trouble as well.  This book is so far the most Christian one in the series, and shows Christian girls a good role model.  I also liked the twisted romance in this book.  Candace is dating Kurt, a high school dropout who she doesn't know if she really has feelings for.  She learns that you shouldn't date a guy just so you can have a girlfriend.  One thing I dislike about this book is Candace's age.  As a senior in high school, this book should be older young adult fiction.  Yet this is based more for younger teens, and I don't know what to think about that.  I like how very character has flaws, yet there good side can show through.  This book also is a little too perfect, which irks me in a way.  I also like Candy's parental support.  Her parents are like dream parents, who would always be there for you.  I also like he way they show that money isn't everything.  Candace's best friend, Tamera, is rich but can also be a brat with her money.  On the other hand, she also uses it for good.  Another one of Candy's friends is named Sue.  After her parents died in a car crash, Sue is stuck taking care of her two younger siblings by herself.  She also has the lowly job of being a janitor at The Zone, but always makes the best of things and spends all of her spare time taking care of her siblings.
   I would recommend this to  anyone looking for a easy, Christian read.

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