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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What Happened To Goodbye

   First off, sorry I haven't reviewed any books lately.  I couldn't find time to get on the computer.  However, the other day I finished the book What Happened To Goodbye by Sarah Dessen.  This book was different than the other two Sarah Dessen books I've read.  Just Listen, one of them, was to me a slow read.  The romance was real and the ending was awesome.  The other one, The Moon and More, was just an ordinary romance.  But this one had spark and meaning.
  Mclean is a teenage girl with divorced parents.  She decides to live with her dad, who is a sort of real life restaurant rehab worker.  He goes into a town with a failing restaurant, and fixes them up.  That means they move a lot.  Mclean has been to three different places, and in each one, she has had a new name and a new personality.  However, when she and her dad head to Lakeview, she decides to try to be "herself".  But does she really know who she is anymore?  Mclean gets a new group of friends of all types.  One special friend is this boy Dave, whom she might even have a crush on.  The restaurant is also a big part of her life, with her getting dragged into a community service project there.  On top of all that, her newly famous mom will not leave her alone.  She wants Mclean to live with her constantly.  When Mclean is just starting to get settled in Lakeview, she hears about a surprise move.  What will Mclean do?
   I was surprised how good this book was.  It was paced perfectly and had a great plot.  The romance really added to the story. Sarah Dessen had a great writing style in this book.  The teenagers sound like actual teenagers, unlike some authors who make them look so wise and adultish.  I could also picture it like I was seeing it firsthand.  The morals were amazing too.  They wove into the story and talked about being yourself and friendship.  There were many conflicts, but they were not solved too quickly. Reading this book, I really related to Mclean.  Her story and background were perfect, even someone totally unlike her could find similarities.  I would give this a perfect five stars.

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