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Friday, September 25, 2015

This or That Book Tag

I was looking for tags to do, and came across this one on YA Book Space.  I am just finishing up Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen, so until I finish I will post this.

1. Physical book or e-book? 
Physical books.  Even though I read almost anywhere, I like physical books much better.  They are easier to read and just are better.

2. Audio or book in hand?
Book in hand.  I like to read it myself.  It makes it easier to think about and go much faster.

3. Paperback or hardcover? 
Hardcover.  I usually get books from the library and the hardcover are so much nicer and easier to take care of.  They are also just all around better.

4. Adult or Young Adult? 
I only read Young Adult

5. Series or standalone?
Standalone.  I read quite a few series as well, but I don't read them in order and then I am forcing myself to finish the series sometimes.  Standalone books are usually also more thought out.

6. Dog ears or bookmarks? 
Bookmarks.  I can't dog ear library books!

7. Breaking the spine or barely opening the book? 
I'd rather barely open the book so that I don't wreck a book that is not mine.  Yet if it is mine, I would rather break the spine.

8. Borrow or buy? 
Borrow.  I read quite a bit and buying gets to be expensive.  They also end up not getting used once I'm done with them, because I don't reread many books anymore.

9. Bookstore or online? 
Online.  I can request books from other libraries there and it is easier.  I do like browsing bookstores for good deals though.

10. Fiction or non-fiction? 
Fiction. Non-fiction bores me with all of it's facts.

11. Fantasy world or real life issues? 
I like real life issues better.

12. Kindle, iPad or other? 
Kindle or iPad.  I really like Apple, but a Kindle would be better for reading.

13. Monster read or short & sweet? 
Short & sweet. Unless it is less than 150 pages per book, then I would pick the monster read.

14. Starry eyed romance or full of action? 
I like starry eyed romance better.  No idea why, but it is just more of my type of story

15. Curl up in a snuggie or bathe in the sun? 
Bathe in the sun.  I love reading outside, especially in the fall.

16. Read the review or decide for yourself? 
I have to say read the review.  I like to hear what other people thought of it before I read it.  I also read other reviews after to find out if I had the same opinion as others, or if I was missing out on something

17. Zombies or unicorns? 
Neither.  They both are really dumb.  Sorry to anyone who likes either of them, but this is my opinion.

That's all for today folks!

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