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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Author Interview: S. McPherson

I recently did an author interview with S. McPherson.  She is a young adult writer.  Please feel free to check out her book, "At Water's Edge".

 1. How did you get to be an author?

I have always enjoyed writing; scripts, poems, stories, songs, slogans, you know name it. One day, I was reading The Grufalo for the umpteenth time to the children in my class so I decided to put the book down and make up my own. The children responded so well to my tale that I decided to self-publish one of them. After that, the publishing bug got me and I moved on to my debut novel; At Water's Edge.
2. When did you start writing?

I started writing for fun around the age of five. It became more serious around the age of twelve when I began writing songs for the girls group I was a member of (It didn't last. Quelle surprise :p). I started writing stories/ scripts as a hopeful career choice about 12 years ago but spent many years, revising and honing my craft.

3. How do you deal with writers block?

I thankfully haven't had writers block yet (nasty sickness!!) but sometimes when I'm struggling for a word or a scene, I find a bit of music and a good old dance goes a long way to clearing the fog.

4. Who is your YA author inspiration?

My biggest inspirational YA author is hands-down J.K. Rowling but many authors played a role along the way.

5. Have you written any young adult books or stories?
Yes, I am currently working on a Young adult series of books called, The Water Rushes. The first in the series is, At Water's Edge.

6. Do you have a playlist to go with your book?
I do indeed have a playlist for my book. Mainly soppy love songs and lots of Ed Sheeran. You can find it here:
I'm working on my latest playlist for book two. It's a bit more warrior like with a splash of Little Mix and such.

7. What is your favorite book?
So hard to pinpoint one favourite book but first that spring to mind: entire Harry Potter series, Mortal Instruments series, Can you keep a secret, Divergent and Romeo and Juliet.

8. Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Top 3 tips: Never give up, always rewrite, rewrite and rewrite, believe in yourself.

9. Where do you get your writing ideas?
I like to say my imagination gets intoxicated and then throws up on a page haha then after sifting through the nonsense, I find an idea.

10. Who would you recommend At Water's Edge to?
At Water's Edge is aimed at the Young to New Adult readers who enjoy fantasy, believe in love and like stories with empires, wars and passion.

11. Is there anything else you would like to say to readers?
I would love for readers to check out my website and take part in the quizzes. So many fun ones: heroes, villains, music and no need to have read my book to join in the fun :)

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