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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Review: Someone Like You

Someone Like You Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was amazing.

Halley is a teen girl who really is just normal. One day, when her best friend's boyfriend dies in a car accident, things go downhill. She stays by Scarlett, her best friend, to make sure she is doing okay. While staying by Scarlett's side, she meets one of the dead boy, Michael's, old friend. His name is Macon, and Halley falls in love with him. However, Halley's mom does not like Macon. Things get screwed up even more when Scarlett realizes that she is pregnant with Michael's baby. Things are tough, but they will make it through okay.

I really enjoyed this book. Most of Sarah Dessen's books interest me, but this book was just phonomonal. There were a lot of real teenage problems in this book that were portrayed in a way I liked a lot better than the way they are portrayed in her newer books. I think that I will have to read the rest of Sarah Dessen's older books.

This book was paced perfectly. One problem after another layered up, until it got really bad for Halley. It is really enjoyable.

I really liked how they portrayed Scarlett's pregnancy. Most books would not talk about something like that, but this does it in an enjoyable way. I learned about how moody pregnancy makes people a little more in this book, and the way it showed how bad teen pregnancy was.

Macon and Scarlett's romance was really neat. It went on and off, just like any other Sarah Dessen book, but it was still cute. Macon was a dream boy for me, and will probably be on my top book boyfriend list.

Overall, this book was one of my favorite Sarah Dessen books yet.

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  1. Awesome review! I've only read one Sarah Dessen book so far (along for the ride), but I need to read more.

  2. Thanks! Her books are amazing, and I enjoyed Along for the Ride.