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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Review: Top 8

Top 8 Top 8 by Katie Finn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Top 8 by Katie Finn is an adorible novel that touches on some coming of age issues.

Madison McDonald has just gotten back from a vacation during spring break. Her biggest priority is getting back on Friendverse, the major social media network. Once she gets on her page however, she finds out it's been hacked. Find out how Madison recovered from the damage caused by the hacker.

First of all, let's fangirl about how this book was written by Morgan Matson. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT MORGAN MATSON. Her books are LEGENDARY. I was so excited to find out that she wrote under the pen name Katie Finn and couldn't wait to read Katie Finn's books.
That being said, this book wasn't quite as good as I expected. It was too drama filled

I enjoyed how this book was very honest. I would be freaking out if any of my accounts got hacked, just like Madison did. She did what a normal teenager would do and tried to crack the case. When she did, it had a trick ending. I enjoyed also how Madison learned a lot about her classmates.

I thought this book was a little too modern day problems. I mean, the whole book basically revolves around "Friendverse." I would have love to see some more thought and emotion in it, but that is just me. It was definitely a light and fluffy read, but with a mystery.

The romance with Nate is definitely the highlight in this book. I mean, Madison and Nate are an obviously cute couple, and are perfect for each other. I also liked how Madison wasn't in a huge love triangle, and wasn't in love with the wrong guy the whole time.

Overall, I enjoyed this mystery and might continue in the series.

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