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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Book Tour & Review: True Colors

Summary from Goodreads:
Landry Albright just wants to be one of the interesting girls at school who always have exciting things going on in their lives. She wants to stand out, but also wants to fit in, so she gives in when her two best friends, Ericka and Tori, push her into trying out for a teen reality show modeling competition with them. Landry goes in nervous, but impresses the judges enough to make it to the next round. However, Ericka and Tori get cut and basically "unfriend" her on Monday at school. Landry tries to make new friends, but gets caught up between wanting to be herself and conforming to who her new friends want her to be. Along the way she learns that modeling is nowhere as glamorous as it seems, how to deal with frenemies, a new crush, and that true friends see you for who you really are and like you because of it. This is the first book in the series.

True Colors by Krysten Lindsay Hager
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


True Colors is a cute novel that would be perfect for tweens and early young adults.

Landry Albright is a typical middle school student. She is happy with her group of friends, but that all changes when a big fashion competition comes to town. It is a preliminary round, but still tears her group of friends apart. As Landry advances in the competition, she makes new friends and has friend drama.

The author really knows what a teenager thinks about and how a teenagers life works. I can relate to Landry totally, especially with the friend part. In middle school, it is rare to have just one group of friends. You usually make friends with people from a few different cliques, and then there is friend trouble. That same thing happens in this book. I also liked how Landry didn't like her body. It made her realistic knowing that she felt unsure of her body.

Landry was a nice and bright middle school student. I think she would be a great role model for kids who want to be models. Her friends are all different, and there is a good variety and some of the friends stray from the typical stereotypical characters. I also really liked how Landry did not have a perfect house and a perfect home life. It was nice how much Krysten Lindsay Hager described Landry's home and home life.

The romance between Landry and Vladi is very cute. It is innocent and doesn't take over their lives. It is a good side plot, and I like how the author left it as that.

This book moved at a perfect place, and was never dull. It is a shorter novel, but not too short.

Overall, this is a very realistic novel about middle school that is very fun to read.

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About the author:
Krysten Lindsay Hager is a young adult author who writes about friendship, self-esteem, fitting in, frenemies, crushes, celebs, and values. She writes the Landry's True Colors Series and the new Star Series. Best Friends…Forever? was ranked at #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Teen & Young Adult Values & Virtues Fiction. Her work has been featured in USA Today and on Living Dayton. Coming soon in early 2016: Landry in Like (Landry's True Colors Book 3) out on January 12, 2016 and Competition with the Star (The Star Series).

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