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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Looking For Alaska

Looking For Alaska
John Green
I give it 2 stars

I am a huge fan of John Green's.  I have read 3 of his books in under 24 hours apiece.  This one had a nice start, but not the flow of the other ones.  It was a bit more unrealistic and misplaced.  The book was fine but not great until you get to the dating scenes.  Those are not appropriate, and the reason I gave this a two stars.  They are really graphic and taught me things I didn't need to know.  Since I abandoned this, I might reread it when I am older and ready.


  1. The first half of this book sucks! I hated the first half, precisely because of all the inappropriate content. I really couldn't understand the point until I got halfway through. I have no idea if you got that far, but something important happens that really changes the book.

    1. Oh thanks, I will try again in a few years when the content is more age appropriate