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Friday, July 31, 2015

Side Effects May Vary

"Side Effects May Vary" is by Julie Murphy and I give it 3 stars. First off, I checked out this book thinking it sounded interesting. I usually like books about people with cancer. In this story, Alice is a 16 year old girl with leukemia. She battles the side effects of treatment every day. Her best friend, Harvey is debating his feelings for her as their relationship has ups and downs. This book wasn't really the same as what I thought the description said. Overall, it was a good read with a few flaws. First off, it switches perspectives between two people. That isn't bad by itself, but they also switch between "then" and "now". That really screwed me up and is one reason for the lower rating. Secondly, it talked about dying a bit too much. For me this wasn't a light read for that reason. It isn't really as funny as most books about cancer are, because this focuses mainly on the dying aspect. Spoiler ahead: Some people in school even set up a mock grave for Alice, the girl with cancer. That was a bit too serious for my taste. The characters are moody and there were some sexual references that shocked me. On a different note, it was very heartfelt and realistic. Some people, (me), might find it a bit too realistic, to be honest. The romance was excellent with the whole story weaving around it and friendship. It shows that there are always tough times, but it will get better. The ending also made me smile. It was really heartfelt and wove into the story perfectly. I wanted to know more about what happened to Alice and Harvey, the two main characters, but the ending still was a masterpiece.

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