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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Front and Center

   Front and Center by Catherine Gilbert Murdock is the third and final book in the Dairy Queen trilogy.   D.J. Schwenk is a junior in high school who really likes to play basketball.   As basketball season season starts, she learns many things about herself.  She learns about which boy she likes, and how much it takes to get into college.
   I really enjoyed this book.  The setting is cool for me, taking place in Wisconsin where I have noticed not many books do.  They also place it on a farm, which is creative.  It is also neat because I liked reading about her story of trying to get into college.  It taught me the constant pressure of getting into college.  D.J. learns how to be a bit louder, and to talk a bit more.  I enjoyed when she did that, making herself a new character.  It is like a new version of herself.  The college descriptions were pretty cool, and just like I've learned colleges can look like.  The romance was awesome, and I liked the way the two boys were different,  Beaner is a carefree peppy boy who wants there romance to be completely public.  He is also kind of funny.  On the other hand, Brian is a jock.  He wants their romance to be private, and is a bit more passionate.  I could relate to D.J. and her struggles, and her voice is projected so funnily.  Catherine Gilbert Murdock made D.J. sound so realistic, and her thought train in the book fits a teen perfectly.  Like me, I'm sure almost anyone will find themselves laughing along with some of the things D.J. says and thinks.  In a way, this book is kind of like "The Spring Of Candy Apples".  It wraps the series up perfectly and leaves you satisfied.     

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