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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Second Chance Summer

   Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson is a masterpiece.  As many of you know, I loved "Amy & Roger's Epic Detour".  It is hard to say, but I think this book was even better.  The plot was perfect, and there were many times where this book ALMOST had me in tears.  Morgan Matson is definitely my favorite author now.
   Taylor Edwards is the middle child, and the only "ordinary" one.  Her older brother Warren is a nerd who loves to read and state facts, and her younger sister Gelsey is a ballerina.  Once Taylor's family finds out that her dad has a type of untreatable cancer, they go to live in their old lake house for one more summer as a family.  Follow Taylor as she learns about friendship, and most importantly, love.
   I really loved this book.  The character development is amazing, and the characters are realistic.  I felt like I was Taylor.  As for romance, it was the best romance I have read in a while.  The characters start out hating each other, but then the relationship blossoms.  I liked how Warren's romance went, and how Taylor helped him with it.  Taylor's job is also awesome, and I wanted a job like that.  I did think that it was a bit odd that she took all that time "off''.  Yet my favorite part of the story was something different.  I really liked the dad.  He was the one who had cancer, and was definitely not perfect.  Taylor had a real relationship with him.  When he started to fail, it was a realistic and scary way to portray it.  This is a touching book that tells you to appreciate every day.

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