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Friday, August 21, 2015

The Spring Of Candy Apples

   The Spring Of Candy Apples is by far the best book in the Sweet Seasons series.  It is the last book in this 4 book series by Debbie Viguie.  This book focuses around Candace Thompson, a senior high school girl who works at an amusement park The Zone.  Now, "Candy" is working the candy counter.  She struggles trying to decide which college to go to and who is really her boyfriend.  She also tries to mix a talent show in with that.  She is a very busy girl with a lot of problems, such as being the lead in her schools play. 
   This book wraps up this series and is my favorite.  Candace is a very busy girl.  In this book, she learns to give her enemies a chance and that friends can over pressure you sometimes.  It teaches real life lessons about being Christian and romance.  Candy is in a talent show group.  That group is cool because there talents is stacking cups.  That has become viral lately, hasn't it.  As a senior, college is also a big decision.  She doesn't know whether she wants to stay in California or go to Florida.  I had two favorite lessons that I learned in this book.  The first one is that people aren't always what they seem.  Many of Candace's friends are hiding secrets, some good and some bad.  The other lesson is that life is a stage.  You have to take the part that you are asked to play and make it your own.  God is the ultimate theater critic.  I especially liked this second lesson because it summed up the book perfectly.  It also fit into my life.  This lesson happened when Candy's theater teacher was giving them a speech before the night of the play.  If you were wondering, Candy played the lead.  I liked the whole theme of this book, but sometimes the characters were too perfect.  Overall, this is a great read and made for a perfect ending to the series.

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