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Friday, August 14, 2015

The Summer Of Skinny Dipping

   The Summer of Skinny Dipping is a good book.  It is by Amanda Howells and is about a girl named Mia Gordon.  She is spending the summer at her aunt and uncle's beach house.  But things have changed since she had last been there.  Her cousins Corrine and Beth are totally different, hanging with popular people.  Her aunt and uncle are hiding many secrets.  Mia's little sister even fits in better than Mia.  The only consolation for her is the next door neighbor Simon.  He is an artist who doesn't agree with his parents.  Simon and Mia hang out in the water and on the beach at night.  But what will happen in the end?
   This book was filled with surprises.  The problems the teens had were typical teen problems.  I liked that Mia didn't like to do drugs.  Yet, she did them occasionally to fit in.  The relationship between Mia and Simon grows slowly, and is kind of confusing.  At first Mia doesn't know if she really likes him.  He is awfully wild, but she learns to appreciate that.  While there relationship grows, there are twists and turn.  I kept guessing whether they were meant for each other.  The end almost had me in tears.  I certainly didn't expect that big of a surprise ending.  If you want a good, romantic beach read, this is for you.

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