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Friday, October 23, 2015

Review: A Healing Heart

A Healing Heart A Healing Heart by Melissa A. Hanson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was a clean, easy, and fun read.
A Healing Heart is about a teenage girl named Bailey. She is living with her aunt and uncle after her parents and siblings were killed in a car accident. When Baily takes the little kid she is babysitting she meets a boy named Collin she falls in love with. Things go smoothly until another girl beomes part of Collin's life. Will everything be okay with their romance?

The book is really good. At first I found myself kind of bored with it, but the plot turned out to be really good after all. Just when it was starting to drag, it got more exciting. The plot kept going and also surprised me many times.

The characters were one of the best parts in this book. Bailey was a responsible yet realistic teenager. Collin was a dream boy, at least in my opinion. He was caring, responsible, and never rude. All of Bailey's friends are supportive and nice, but they do have their own personalities. There was one villain in this story. Her name was Savannah, and she wanted to date Collin. They had been childhood friends, but now she wants much more.

A big part of the story is Bailey's past. As you already know, her parents and siblings were killed in a car accident. Bailey often talks about that moment, and blames herself for being the only one to survive a few times.

The romance kept me guessing. It was beautifully described, and I just wanted to be Bailey. The romance started out a bit too quick for my taste. But just like I thought, the romance wouldn't stay that way forever. Savannah is a major setback in their relationship.

There was a hospital visit in this book that added to the story as well. Collin gets in a car accident, and that really strengthens the relationship between him and Bailey.

This book was wonderfully written overall. I found many descriptive phrases and paragraphs that enhanced the story. Melissa A. Hanson really knows how to write descriptively.

In conclusion, this is a great, easy, clean, and fun read that touches on some serious topics!

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