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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Review: Saving Mr. Terupt

Saving Mr. Terupt Saving Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was a decent book. It revolves around seven characters named Peter, Jeffrey, Alexia, Anna, Danielle, Luke, and Jessica. They are a group of friends who are going into seventh grade. It is going to be a strange year for them because they had had the same teacher for the past two years. Mr. Terupt was their favorite teacher, and they are upset that they don't have him as a teacher anymore. When the kids learn that the school board is making cuts and might be laying off Mr. Terupt, they work to save their teacher.
At the same time, the kids are all going through their own troubles. Jeffrey and Peter are wrestlers, and are worried about winning and being the best player they can be. Anna is facing some boy trouble, and is also waiting to see if her mother will ever get married again. Alexia (Lexie) is a fashionista who finds out a tragic secret: her mother has breast cancer. Danielle starts out the book not feeling well, and it just seems to get worse. It turns out that she is seriously sick, but saying with what will ruin part of the book. Jessica is an actor who really wants to get into an acting camp. Last but not least, Luke is a nerd who is being bullied and eventually comes up with a few solutions.

Just so you guys know, I got a few pages into this book and realized that I probably didn't read book two in this series. I read book one a few years ago, and I don't remember if I ever followed up with Mr. Terupt Falls Again.

The point of view in this book was strange. It was written in first person, which is really confusing when they are switching between seven different points of view. Sometimes, I would mix up who was who because there were so many characters to keep track of.

The writing style was confusing. I can tell that Rob Buyea was trying to write like a teenager would think and talk, but it didn't work real well. It just left me feeling like this book was written by an amateur. Sometimes the writing style surprised me and added to the story. I think that a tween would really enjoy this writing style, even though it didn't really appeal to me.

The characters were confusing, yet all had their own personality. I didn't feel like they were one-dimensional, but they seemed real and unique.

The plot was very interesting. It started out with everyone just trying to fit into middle school. Then two of them decided to run for class president, but neither wins. Then, they try to help Mr. Terupt while dealing with their own problems. It was fast paced and kept me wanting more.

I have to say, this book wasn't quite as good as I thought it would be. The writing style and abundance of characters are the main reasons that I only gave this book three stars.

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