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Friday, December 18, 2015

2016 YA Genre Challenge

I've been seeing all sorts of 2016 reading challenges, especially ones that are genre challenges.  The problem is, none of these challenges fit a young adult reader.  Since I really want to do one this year, I'm making one up on my own.  Here it is below.  Comment if you have any questions or suggestions, and feel free to do this on your own. 

There are 12 different genres in this challenge, one for each month.  The point is to read at least one book of the genre in the month it is scheduled.  All of these books should be YA.  If you can't read that genre one month, trade it for another month.

January: Romance
Febuary: Fantasy
March: Historical Fiction
April: Science Fiction
May: Mystery
June: Manga-Comics-Graphic Novels
July: Poetry
August: Memoir-Biography-Autobiography
September: Classic
October: Horror- Adventure
November: Informational
December: Realistic Fiction

This is just my rough draft.  If you have any ideas about how I could make this better, please comment below.

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