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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Review: Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis Identity Crisis by Melissa Schorr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
It will be published on 1/18/16

I decided to make my review a letter to the reader recommending this book

Dear Reader,

Have you ever been catfished? In the book I read, a girl got catfished by a bully. It is called Identity Crisis, and it was written by Melissa Schorr. It is a realistic fiction novel that will be published by Merit Press on January 18, 2016. There are 240 pages in my copies of this book. It was a just right read that was really interesting

Identity Crisis is about a girl named Annalise Bradley. When the mean girls in her sophomore class find out that she is flirting with one of their dream boys, they find a plan to try to play revenge. They set up an online account on a fanpage Annalise is active in, and make Noelle play the part of the fake boy. Noelle is one of the mean girls, but she still doesn’t want to trick Annalise. Their plan works, and Annalise makes good friends with “DelOcan”, the fake boy. But will this prank go too far?

This book reminds me of The Clique series by Lisi Harrison. They both deal with teenage girls and bullies. However, this book is unique in the way that it talks about a topic not mentioned much, cyberbullying. The theme of this book is that cyberbullying is bad and can have serious consequences. Actually catfishing, or making a fake online person, is illegal and is even subject to jail time. You have to be careful about what you do online. It is not usually as private as you think. Annalise is a teenage girl who is self-conscious. She doesn’t realize that she is pretty, and it takes “DelOcan” to make her realize that. She has good values and pretty good morals. Noelle is one of the “popular” kids who isn’t sure she wants to be popular if it means going against her values. Mauve, Annalise’s best friend, is a good friend who sometimes gets caught up in other things.

I liked how this book switched perspectives. The chapter titles showed who this chapter was about. I also enjoyed how some conversations are done via social media, and they show them like it is a chat screen. It says the username, and then the thing they wrote. That is very relatable. Switching perspectives made it way more interesting because I got to see both Noelle and Annalise’s perspectives. The point of view in this book was first person. It made me think about which person was talking. Another thing I thought was interesting was the fact that Annalise was a member of a band fan page, and that a lot of the story took place there. This is the age of social media, so it made it more relatable and also creative.

I give this book a four star. It was creative and interesting, yet it still had its flaws.


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