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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Review: Playing For Love

Playing For Love Playing For Love by Dana Burkey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Playing for Love is an easy and cute romance read.

Fiona is a softmore who has a crush on her older brother's best friend. Since he likes sporty girls, Fiona decides to join her high school's soccer team to try to get Jordan to like her. Will her plan work? Or will it backfire on her?

First of all, the writing style in this book kind of irritated me. It was in diary form, and it was so repetitive, with it basically just obsessing about Jordan. The stuff she said about soccer was also repetitive and also drove me nuts. The first half of this book was really slow, but then it sped up a little bit. There were also some grammar errors in the kindle version that I had.

I did like the characters, even though there were a lot of them. Fiona was a desperate girl, but she was also a good role model. She didn't do bad things, and was responsible. Jordan started out thinking about Fiona as just a little kid, but grew to like her a little more at least. Ross became a sweet big brother to Fiona as well.

I also liked how Fiona and Jordan's relationship went. Jordan didn't immediately fall for Fiona, which was really nice. He didn't go all out romantic, if he did fall in love with her at all.

This book also annoyed me because Fiona's life was a little too perfect. Fiona became really good friends with a senior. When she broke her nose playing soccer, the whole team and then almost the whole school started wearing nose guards just for her. I thought that was a little odd, considering she was just a sophomore. I also thought it was strange that Fiona became this amazing soccer player that scored a lot of goals.

Sorry that I kind of went on a rant in this book review. There were still many good things in this book, but since I usually focus on the good, I decided to focus more on the negative this time. I just felt like highlighting certain parts of the book.

Overall, this is a decent book that would appeal to some young teen romance readers.

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