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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Resolutions

Hi and welcome to a new Top Ten Tuesday.  This weeks theme is top ten bookish resolutions for 2016.  Here I go.
  1. Follow through on my 2016 genre challenge.  One book of a certain genre each month.  Here is the link:
  2. I would like to finish up the Selection series.  That shouldn't be that hard, but still.
  3. I would like to start the Red Queen series.
  4. I would like to read more and do less random searching on Goodreads.  I spend a lot of time looking through my groups.
  5. I resolve to keep trying to get more arcs.  I have a book competition until February, but after that I want to do more arcs and read for reviews.
  6. I want to use my new Kindle more often.  I got a new Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas, and want to use it more.
  7. I want to read 75 books in 2016.  I am pretty sure that will be easy, but still.
  8. I want to be more consistent on what I post.
  9. I want to read at least one Sarah J. Maas book.  They are really popular.
  10. I want to get more page views on my blog, and maybe publicize it a bit more.

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