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Monday, March 28, 2016

Review: You Can't Catch Me

You Can't Catch Me You Can't Catch Me by Cassie Mae
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


You Can't Catch M by Cassie Mae is a very cute and interesting book.

Summery From Goodreads:
My body suuuucks. After lounging around on my butt all summer (okay, so maybe that was my bad), this body decided to become something completely foreign. So now I’m trying to make the track team and I feel like I’m a baby learning to walk again.

A couple pounds wouldn’t have been so bad. Work those off, run like a mad woman, no problem, yeah? But no. I’ve also developed a couple of things that I definitely didn’t have before. And now my guy friends are all sitting in a pool of drool as they not-so-subtly stare at my chest.

Combine all that drama with the fact that the new track coach is getting major flack for being a little chunky, and all I’m trying to do is convince the team that I’m not running slower because of her coaching style.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m totally falling face-first in “like” with some guy I met in a cemetery? And no one understands it just because he’s also a little chunky. But he’s also adorable and wonderfully weird and I don’t care what they say, his look sure does it for me.

But… I don’t know… how can I be in “like” with someone, when I have no clue how to like myself anymore?

This is my first Cassie Mae book, and it didn't disappoint. I had never heard of her before this book, but I'm glad that I got a chance to read and review this.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I like to run for pleasure, and so I felt that much more connected to Ginger.

This book was laugh out loud funny. I mean, just the fact that she calls her breasts "sharpies" are bad enough, but the fact that she compares them to sandbags is beyond hilarious. It was a little hilarious that Ginger obsessed about her body, but that was actually pretty realistic. Teenagers are usually pretty uncomfortable with their bodies.

I loved Oliver. He was cute and I loved how Ginger was uncomfortable around him. They met in the cemetery where Ginger goes to talk to her dead sister. The whole romance was cute, and perfectly appropriate. That is rare because a lot of young adult books get pretty explicit. This was just cute puppy love, which worked great in this book, since romance was just one of the few plots going on at the time.

The cross country coach was very nice. The team didn't think so though, because she was a bit "round". She was the one who convinced Cassie to keep going for her goals.
It was really funny how Oliver turned out to be Coach's son.

The whole book was filled with a great amount of romance, comedy, and drama. It all blended together perfectly, and didn't waste any time. Mae sure knows the things teenagers think and do, and made a character that every teenager will relate to. I totally recommend this book.

4.75 rating

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