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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Review: What's Your Status?

What's Your Status? What's Your Status? by Katie Finn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What's Your Status by Katie Finn is an honest portrayal of teenage life and drama.

Summery from Goodreads:
This fabulous social-networking mystery, a sequel to TOP 8, is the perfect novel for the Facebook generation. Madison MacDonald thinks things are finally working out! Followers: 300 Status Updates: mad_mac Nate and I have been together for two months, and it's wonderful! Life is good! mad_mac Well, except for the fact that I still might be failing history. mad_mac And I no longer have a BFF. mad_mac But aside from those things! mad_mac Okay. So, um, apparently I've just been put in charge of the school's priceless heirloom. mad_mac And the assistant headmaster has a vendetta against me.

There was one thing I really liked about this book. It showed real teenage drama. The teenage years are ones full of drama. Madison and her friend went through typical problems in a normal way.

On that topic, dances are another thing that causes major trouble in schools. It is probably a proven fact that you cannot plan a dance without conflict. Katie Finn showed that here, and it was fun to read.

Why exactly was Madison put in charge of the crown. After she lost it, she could have just blamed it on Kittson, who wasn't supposed to pass off the duty anyways. That would have solved a lot of drama.

I thought Madison was a relatable teen, but not one that I really liked. She was not respectable. She was addicted to social media and had too many boy problems. I don't really think that if she was real she would be my friend.

The plot in this book moved fast, and never was boring. Katie Finn really knows how to keep a book moving, and make it easy to read.

Another problem I have with this book: Do you really think no one would have noticed that weird things were happening at prom. Every one seemed oblivious to it.

Overall, this was a fun and easy read.

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