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Friday, January 27, 2017

Book Blitz: My Clueless Broken Heart

Title: My Clueless Broken Heart
Author: Jennifer DiGiovanni
Genre: YA Romance
Becca Thornton is clueless when it comes to love. Why else would she
break up with Will Gamen, a boy at the top of the hottie short list for every other girl?
Because, if she’s being totally honest, Becca will admit the truth. Her
heart belongs to someone else.
For as long as she can remember, Travis Brennen has been
When Travis unexpectedly rolls back into town, Becca realizes for the
first time that her feelings for him might be mutual. But Travis and Becca come from what he calls
“different circumstances.”
Becca’s parents are world-famous scientists and Travis’s dad is the
caretaker on the Thornton family’s estate. Still, Becca can’t change the way she feels about him, no
matter how hard her parents try to keep them apart.
She’ll just need to find a way to prove to her parents that Travis isn’t
the guy they’ve always assumed him to be. Becca’s earned the right to grow up, make her own
choices, and fall in love, even if she ends up with a broken heart.


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Author Bio

Jennifer DiGiovanni is a freelance writer and YA author of the School Dayz series. When she’s not
writing, you can find her reading, working on home design projects, or trying to meet the daily goals
on her Fitbit. She also likes to try new sports and activities, from archery to ballroom dancing, with
varying degrees of success.
Twitter: @JenniferDiGiov2

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