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Friday, February 24, 2017

Review: Set You Free

Set You Free Set You Free by Jeff Ross
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Set You Free by Jeff Ross was an okay mystery novel.

Summary from Goodreads:
The mayor’s six-year-old son, Ben Carter, is missing—and Lauren’s brother, Tom, is the main suspect. Lauren knows her brother would never harm anyone, but the police don’t agree. Ben’s stepbrother doesn’t agree. The mayor certainly doesn’t agree. To some people in Resurrection Falls, Tom is the freak who, rumor has it, once tried to lure a kid into the woods.
But if Tom is innocent, why was he lurking around outside the mayor’s house the night Ben disappeared? And why has he also vanished? After teaming up with Tom’s friend, Grady, a computer enthusiast and part-time hacker, Lauren decides that rather than try to prove Tom’s innocence, they should simply give the police some more options. Because everyone, even the mayor’s apparently perfect family, has secrets.

Sorry that I didn't post this review earlier; I know it is way late. I tried to write a review once,
but it didn't save for me. Things have been crazy.
I just decided to pick up this book one day. It wasn't real good, but did keep my attention.

I liked Lauren's character. She was sweet and nice. I liked how she was just like a typical teenage girl in that she wasn't always perfect. I also liked the detective, and how nice she was to Lauren. The rest of the characters were so-so, but didn't stick out to me.

I thought the mystery was okay. It did keep my attention, but wasn't anything special. I do have to say that the twist was something that I didn't expect. The ending was good, but kind of confused me.

The writing style was pretty good and unique.

Overall, this was a decent book.

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