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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Blog Tour: The Golden Boy

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Welcome to my stop on The Golden Boy blog

The Golden Boy
(A St. Mary's Academy Novella)

by Seven
 & Audrey Ri

Genre: YA
Contemporary Romance

Release Date
April 24th 2018


Meg has it made. Sh
e has money to spare, attends an
exclusive private school with the best film production program in
the country, and, to top it off, she has
a super-hot boyfriend. But when her father

s business goes under, and her boyfriend cheats on her with
a ditzy cheerleader, the only way she can maintain her perfect life is to fig
ure out a way to stay in

When a fellow
student offers to pay her tuition, Meg jumps at the chance. She only h
as to tell one tiny white lie to
someone she

s never met.

How hard could that be, right?

Until she discovers she must deceive Julius 'Hercules' Samson, t
he school quarterback with a
heart of gold. Even worse, he's determined to sweep her off her feet.

Can Meg go throug
h with the plan to save her future,
even if it means ruining Julius


Inspired by Megera (Meg) from the story of Hercules, The Golden Boy is a
emotional, young adult contemporary romance about a teen girl's h
ard choices, loss, and

< br style="background-color: white; color: #222222;" />St. Mary's Academy
is a young adult contemporary romance series that brings classic fairytale ch
aracters to life in a modern
day, high school setting. It's filled with angsty heroines, hot hero
es, and drama galore. St. Mary's

Academy Shorts are shorter stories from within the St. Mary's Academy universe.&nb

Buy this book today because
you've never read a fairytale quite like this.

My Review
The Golden Boy was a good book.   I really liked the romance between the characters.  Meg was a sweet character and I loved the romance.  I felt like the book dragged at times, but not too bad.  Julius was an awesome character as well and he was sweet and perfect for Meg.  Even though Meg started out the book desperate, she really became a well-rounded character later on.  The romance in this book was really good, and the writing was awesome.  I give it 4 stars.

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